James on the
Lower Missouri

Photo by John McFarland
UB on the
Lower Missouri

Photo by John McFarland

AMERICAN ERRAND, RIVERS OF THE NORTH is both the story of the first 500 miles,
and a product of the entire 4,000 mile journey. It is the wild start, and the overall reflection.
The author may write a series of AMERICAN ERRAND books, but this is a book
in-and-of itself.

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All rights reserved


AMERICAN ERRAND, RIVERS OF THE NORTH is a real life story that shows a good
as gold but too often untold side of America. To find the "gold," the author must travel with
no doors to lock or walls to sleep behind, meaning that, he cannot control what comes
before him, and as a result, his story contains a few adult situations.

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This story is, in part, about a man who finds himself in a cultural conundrum; caught
between his love and loyalty for his people who are rapidly disappearing, and the
knowledge that all people are God's children. Putting himself in God's hands,
with his boots on the ground, he searches for "a new frontier."


The front cover of AMERICAN ERRAND, RIVERS OF THE NORTH has a flag
in the form of a boot. This is not meant to detract from the American Flag
but rather to make
a statement about what the Flag stands for.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: You may have noticed the canoeist on the front cover of my
book is holding his paddle wrong. His incorrect pose was decided upon intentionally
because I thought he looked like a bold knight in that pose, which only goes to
further a point, being that, without the power of faith, I would have been a
fool going to his death, but with faith, all things are possible.

All glory be to God.


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